Educational Virtual Worlds (EVW) Privacy Policy
All the employees at EVW are certified veteran educators. We recognize the need for children's personal information to keep private online, and we teach that in our classes. We have the same policy at EVW.

What information do we collect in our apps and do we share it?

We do not collect any information in our apps, so we cannot share it with anyone.

Third Party software and websites:
Our apps may be featured on review websites and on social media sites such as our facebook page. Each of those websites has their own privacy policies and you should consult their policies to see what they do with your personal information. Since we do not control those websites, EVW cannot be held responsible for information you provide on those websites.

Support website:
EVW maintains a support website at: If you contact us, we will have your email and any other information you choose to provide. That information is only used to support you in the use of our apps and to improve future versions of our current apps or new apps. Information you send to us via email is never shared with third parties.

How do we contact EVW with other privacy questions?
Please email us at: if you have further questions about privacy. The information you provide us will be kept confidential.